Tension, Stress, and Desire

When you fight, you put yourself where you desire to win or to protect yourself. Then you are always fighting out of STRESS and TENSION because of that desire.

Buddha suggested desire was the cause of suffering. You suffer because wanting something always gives you the feeling that you do not have it, which is the cause of STRESS and TENSION.

But this feeling of STRESS and TENSION brings you the opposite of what you want, because you are already in the state of what you do not want, no one wants STRESS and TENSION, and as long as you have this feeling it is a hard battle to get what you want, which is to ESCAPE, CONTROL or even to WIN. Unless you are looking for a fight to prove yourself with pride and ego.

The only way to get what you want is to be in the state of what you want internally, that is to FEEL GOOD. Everyone wants to be HAPPY. HAPPY to escape, HAPPY to be in control, HAPPY to win, HAPPY to be safe. You do not want the struggle. You don’t want the fight.

RELAXATION or JOY will bring you that feeling. And it all happens from within you. It starts from within, not without. It’s not that you should be smiling when you defend yourself. But you want to have a state of relaxation, peace or bliss that which empowers you.

Do you want to win? Do you want to be safe? What is the feeling of winning and safety? Joy, relaxation, pleasure, aliveness, relief, confidence……? Or all of them. Ultimately these are what you want, aren’t they? Winning is not really what you want. What you want is the feeling that you get from winning…So feel it first so that you are already in it to manifest it.

When you perform out of stress and tension state you are limiting yourself. You can always release them no matter what the circumstance is. You just have to pay attention to yourself.

To perform your best is to let go of your desire at the moment.

Letting go of your protection will instantly release your tension and your body starts to expand. Letting go of wanting to win relaxes your mind and your energy flows better. Strive for the feeling you want to feel rather than some result that may give you that feeling.

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